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About Us

We try  find a unique way to bring beauty and magic to people's lives.
To bring awareness to the wonder, fragility, and importance of even
the smallest creatures on the planet.

Butterflies are important members in the web of life whose numbers
are being dramatically diminished or extinct by development and pollution.
By participating in a butterfly release, you help us do our part to maintain
and grow butterfly populations for the benefit of all.

We have several farms and affiliate farms across the US, Hawaii,
Canada, Mexico and the Philippines.  If you are a butterfly breeder and would like
to work with a professional business organization with worldwide presence,
please contact us for butterfly business opportunities.

By purchasing any of our Exotic butterfly artwork, you are helping the native people of
the rainforests gain income from raising butterflies and not from harvesting timber for
lumber or clearing virgin rainforest for cattle grazing.

We are proud members of the National Association of Wedding Planners.

We advertise nationally in major publications such as:
Modern Bride, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Bridal Guide, Just for Brides, Premier Brides,
Latina American Bride, Kiss (Kay Jewelers) and several other regional publications.

We are not members of any butterfly breeding association as they tend to
be geared towards the hobbyist and butterfly enthusiasts.

With more that 14 years combined experience in the butterfly industry,
 Amazing Butterflies can offer our customers the highest quality products
 and services available in the market place today.

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